Coinut binary options enable you to

make 4x profit in 30 minutes

You buy a contract and wait until it expires

If you win, you get 0.01 BTC

If you lose, you get nothing


How to choose a contract?

Simply specify


  • Expiry time
  • Strike price

Expiry time


When the contract expires, you know you win or lose.



If you believe the price is going up, buy CALL;

otherwise buy PUT.

Strike price


If you choose CALL, you expect the price will be higher than the strike price. 


If you choose PUT, you expect the price will be lower than the strike price.






expiry time: June 03 15:00 

strike price: 226.25

You buy a contract:

Suppose the contract costs you 0.002 BTC


(The price depends on the market)

You wait until June 3, 15:00

And you find the BTC/USD price is 226.28, which is higher than your strike price 226.25.

You win 0.01 BTC!

So you make profit

0.01 BTC - 0.002 BTC

= 0.008 BTC

But if the BTC/USD is lower than the strike price 226.25, 

you get nothing back and thus lose 0.002 BTC.

How to buy a binary option contract using the interface?

Choose binary option

Choose expiry time


Choose CALL

Focus on 

Choose strike price

Click the row (except the strike column) with the strike price you need.

Or select here

Choose strike price (continue)

There are so many strike prices. Which shall I choose?


the higher the strike price,

the harder the final price will be higher than that,

and the less chance you win,

and thus the cheaper the contract.

Choose order type

What is a market order?

A market order let you buy immediately at the current market price

the best market price you can buy at

What is a market order (continue)?

Click to see the market depth

To see the full orderbook

What is a limit order?

A limit order let you buy at your specified price. 

You may need to wait until another user takes your price.

specify your own price here

choose limit order

What is a limit order?

When your limit order has not been filled, you can keep waiting or cancel it.

Click to cancel the order

Input the number of contracts you want to buy

Click buy


Confirm your order

Wait for the result

You can see your balance changes

Check your detailed trading history

Close your position before it expires

If you don't want to hold your position anymore, you can also close it.